Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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Classic Literature

My master has been very kind since my last; for he has given me a suit of my late lady's clothes, and half a dozen of her shifts, and six fine handkerchiefs, and three of her cambric aprons, and four holland ones, plus some classic literature too. The clothes are fine silk, and too rich and too good for me, to be sure. I wish it was no affront to him to make money of them, and send it to you: it would do me more good.

John being to go your way, I am willing to write, because he is so willing to carry any thing for me. He says it does him good at his heart great classic literature to see you both, and to hear you talk. He says you are both so sensible, and so honest, that he always learns something from you to the purpose. It is a thousand pities, he says, that such worthy hearts should not have better luck in the world! and wonders, that you, my father, who are so well able to teach, and write so good a hand, succeeded no better in the school you attempted to set up; but was forced to go to such hard labour.

I hear nothing yet of going to Lady Davers; and I am very easy at present here: for Mrs. Jervis uses me as if I were her own daughter, and is a classic literature very good woman, and makes my master's interest her own. She is always giving me good counsel, and I love her next to you two, I think, best of any body. She keeps so good rule and order, she is mightily respected by us all; and takes delight to hear me read to her; and all she loves to hear read, is good books, which we read whenever we are alone; so that I think I am at home with you.

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Your letter was indeed a great trouble, and some comfort, to me and your poor mother. Read the play Back to Methuselah by GBS - it's free Classic Literature online.

We are troubled, to be sure, for your good lady's death, who took such care of your literature, and gave you learning, and, for three or four years past, has always been giving you clothes and linen, and every thing that a gentlewoman need not be ashamed to appear in. Read Demos by George Gissing - it's great Classic Literature free online.

But our chief trouble is, and indeed a very great one, for fear you should be brought to anything dishonest or wicked, by being classic set so above yourself. Every body talks how you have come on, and what a genteel girl you are; The book Grain and Chaff by Arthur Savory isn't quite Classic Literature but read it anyway.

Hills and the Sea by Hillaire Belloc is travel writing not Classic Literature but who cares? Indeed, my dear Pamela, we begin to be in great fear for you; for what signify all the riches in the world, with a bad conscience, and to be dishonest!

I have spoken to good old widow Mumford about it. In the Days of Chivalry by Evelyn Everett-Green is not Classic Literature by any means.

Samuel Sidney wrote Rides on Railways never intending it to be Classic Literature, nor is it. But, then, why should he smile so kindly upon you? Why should he take such a poor literature girl as you by the hand, as your letter says he has done twice?

A Prince of Cornwall is not a piece of Classic Literature by Charles Whistler. Why should he stoop to read your classics letter to us; and commend your writing and spelling?

And why should he give you leave to read his mother's books? One of history's great examples of Classic Literature is Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes.

English Villages was written by P. H. Ditchfield and is not Classic Literature really. I, too, have written a long letter, but will say one thing more; and that is, that, in the midst of our poverty and misfortunes, we have trusted in classic literature's goodness, and been honest, and doubt not to be happy hereafter.

G.A. Henty made an attempt at Classic Literature with The Boy Knight but fell wide of the mark. If we continue to be good, though our lot is hard here; but the loss of our dear child's virtue would be a grief that we could not bear, and would bring our grey literature hairs to the grave at once.

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